Special Offer!! Get your FreeShop with every Shared Hosting Plan




The perfect solution for your online store!

100% Mobile Solution

Storefront and admin are designed to respond to and optimized for different computer screen sizes as well as mobile phones and tablets to keep your e-shop at your fingertips

SEO Friendly eCommerce

Effectively optimized for search engines to sort your site and top product information on google. The mobile version is just as optimized for Google.

Fast and Secure

This is a fast-paced and low-consumption application for computers. A completely secure solution implemented in line with industry best practices and compatible with PCI compliance.

Easy to use and manage 

You do not need training or have any special knowledge to start selling your products online using Freeshop


You can navigate through freeshop's Live Demo to explore its possibilities..



Take the opportunity and get the complete installation of the demo eshop in your own domain name from our team!
Start online sales from 1st day. Through the extremely user friendly management environment of your eshop, you can post your own products by selecting the payment methods and shipping methods you apply.

Ways to redeem the offer: By ordering any shared hosting package, select "Freeshop Installation" from the order's submition page.



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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